How Midjourney is Helping Creative Agencies

Midjourney is a dynamic text-to-image tool that users AI to generate unique and high quality images from text descriptions. Designed for artists and creative professionals, it is a highly valuable tool for creative agencies to streamline their creative processes, improve their productivity and deliver outstanding results for their clients, from creative quick mockups, to generating eye-catching visuals for social media campaigns.

website redesign

The Real Cost of a Website Redesign – How Much Should You Budget?

As technology continues to progress and design trends change constantly, it’s easy for your website to become outdated. If your website is no longer as impactful as it once was, it may be time to think about a revamp. In this case, you will probably be wondering “How much does a website redesign really cost?”. In this blog we discuss what you will need to consider when redesigning your website and how much you may expect to invest.