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5 Ways Creative Designers Can Create a Digital Identity for Brands

Your digital identity will be the face of your online brand. It will represent you, your team and what you are aiming to achieve. It will be what separates you from the competition and create brand awareness as it becomes recognisable to your audience. Without a clear digital identity, your business could be sacrificing valuable opportunities in marketing and customer retention.

Developing a digital identity true to your brand values is a breeze with the right team of creative designers. With a wealth of experience in designing digital identities across multiple sectors, they are clear on what works. They can offer creative advice, on what harmonises with your existing branding and how to appeal to an online audience.

Without the expertise of creative designers, you could lose valuable time and resources on creating an ineffective, unappealing digital identity.

Therefore, it’s important to develop your digital identity with a squad of creative designers behind you, with the following support.

Creating Innovative Designs

With extensive creative skills, creative designers can craft innovative designs according to your brief. With the online world flooded with advertisers, we can create something which is sure to stand out. A unique design, which captures your audience’s attention and celebrates your brand for everything it stands for.

Adapting to Different Channels

With different dimensions required for different social media channels and ad spaces, a creative designer can cater to this, thereby allowing quality graphics to slot perfectly into different digital spaces, free of blurs and pixelization. By promoting this consistency in your branding and design quality can help your brand to push a reliable and professional identity.

In addition, brand identity can be effective beyond online promotions. Request infographics to use in blogs, website graphics and email newsletters to push your brand identity throughout your digital marketing. This helps to provide consistent branding, which target audiences can recognise and trust.

Representing Your Industry

While creating something with a competitive edge, it is still important to make your design recognisable of your industry. Therefore, creating a design infused with elements of your branding, your target audience, your type of product and your industry is important for effective marketing.

Supporting Your Marketing Team

While creating a digital identity, it is important to keep this consistent with your offline marketing. If your marketing team is working on any business cards, brochures or banners, ask our creative designers for help. They can tweak and resize graphics to work across all of your marketing resources, thereby introducing consistency with official new branding.

Managing Your Social Media

At Bluechilli, we can support you in both the design and management of your social media channels. This will ensure that your digital identity and quality of content is consistent online. With social media playing a major role in building brand awareness and engaging with customers, strong branding is essential. We can help you to create vivid social media graphics, including motion graphics for a more interactive feed.

Hiring Creative Designers to Create Your Digital Identity

At Bluechilli we are a multidisciplinary team of creative designers, animators, web designers and printmakers, with a passion for creating beautiful results-driven solutions. With a wealth of creative skill under one roof and investments in the latest technologies, we pride ourselves on our quality work.

To enquire about creating a digital identity for your brand with us, get in touch today.

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