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Benefits of Using Advertising Illustrations for Your Business

With the creative freedom to create your own unique style, characters and narrative, illustrations can play a significant role in your advertising. The flexibility of illustrations will also allow you to deliver your message much more accurately in a way that appeals to a wider audience.

Discover more benefits of including advertising illustrations in your marketing strategy below.

Accurate Narratives

Illustrations are great for storytelling, as you have complete control over the characters and how they move. You can also tailor the style and narrative to appeal and relate to a specific target audience.

Stock images often limit you to what you can say about your brand and may also be used by other businesses. In comparison, illustrations allow you to control each detail of the design, to represent exactly what you need it to. You can also reflect your brand colours, target audience and values in these drawings.

Bespoke Branding

Designing your advertising illustrations will help to visualise your concept and reinforce your message. It will also provide a competitive edge, as you are creating a fun and customised brand that your audience can connect with.

However, you don’t have to restrict your design team to hand drawn illustrations. With moving image technology, you can turn your drawings into animations. This will support brands looking for a cleaner cut, vibrant, contemporary illustration for their brand.

Audience Engagement

Advertising illustrations can be engaging, expressive and inspiring for audiences. Compared to text and live action ads, animations can be more fun and less threatening to watch. This can be particularly helpful when targeting younger audiences and families.

The light-hearted nature of illustrations will spotlight rather than distract from the information featured in your advertisement. In fact, animations are more likely to entice your audience to keep them browsing your website. You may also find that many illustrations, such as videos and infographics, are more shareable for social media.

Worthwhile Investment

Without having to rely on the acting skills of people, you can mould your characters into their own unique personalities. As well as creating something interactive for your audience, the quality of your animations can reflect the value of your marketing efforts and services.

If successful, you can request a cohesive kit of all the illustrations for future marketing material. Create synergy by using these characters to represent your brand across your website, newsletters, catalogues and such, thereby making the overall process a very worthwhile investment.

Enquiring for Advertising Illustrations

At Bluechilli our team are dedicated to creating cutting edge design, for unique and innovative branding. For more information on how we can assist your marketing team with illustrations, complete our enquiry form today.

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