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How to Use Animation to Appeal to Your Target Audience

Animation is a great way to connect with your audience in a way that is fun and creative. With the right animations, you can create marketing campaigns which are more informative, engaging and thereby effective. Animation can also be a cost-effective, time-saving option for businesses with less financial freedom.

Discover how you can use animation to appeal to your target audience below:

Audience Engagement

Animations can drive higher engagement, when compared to traditional marketing videos. The friendly, relaxed nature of animations can connect with your audience in a fun, relatable manner. Using humour with animations can also help to keep your target audience engaged for longer. If done right, your animation may also encourage online sharing for additional marketing opportunities.

Adapting to Different Channels

With different dimensions required for different social media channels and ad spaces, a creative designer can cater to this, thereby allowing quality graphics to slot perfectly into different digital spaces, free of blurs and pixelization. By promoting this consistency in your branding and design quality can help your brand to push a reliable and professional identity.

In addition, brand identity can be effective beyond online promotions. Request infographics to use in blogs, website graphics and email newsletters to push your brand identity throughout your digital marketing. This helps to provide consistent branding, which target audiences can recognise and trust.

Creative Freedom

In comparison to live action videos, animation allows more creative freedom. Having control of each element allows you to express your brand’s message exactly how you wish. This is particularly helpful when trying to create something memorable and informative for your target audience.

Clear Communication

Even the most complex marketing messages can be made clearer with simplistic animations. Delivering your message in a way that is easy to understand will be much more appealing for your target audience. In fact, 90% of information that your brain transmits is visual, and this is processed 60,000 times faster than text*.

Brand Mascot

Having a brand mascot can have mass appeal, therefore opening your brand to a wider market. A relatable mascot will encourage deeper engagement with your marketing message and make your brand more recognisable.

Entertaining brand mascots can be refreshing, captivating and humorous. You may also find some of your audience growing an emotional connection with the characters. In addition to instantly feeling more relaxed when they appear on their screen.

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*19 Fascinating Statistics That Make the Case for Using Visual Content in Your Marketing, by Amanda Sibley, Hubspot,

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