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Case Study: Animation for the University of Birmingham

As part of their recent rebranding, Bluechilli recently created a lengthy animated video for the University of Birmingham.

When it comes to making an impact through your branding, animation is always a pivotal element. Animations have the dynamic ability to capture attention and convey simple or complex messages in an engaging and memorable way. The inherent versatility of animation allows all kinds of brands to express their visual identity, values and messages through visual storytelling that resonates emotionally with audiences. This can be particularly effective during a rebranding phase, as the use of animation can help to smoothly transition the brand’s image, emphasising new features, or shifts in direction without losing the essence of what people have come to recognise.

The Animation Project - Linking History to the Future of the University of Birmingham

When the University of Birmingham reached out to us, they had recently gone through a rebrand, but had not yet utilised any animation as part of this process. Bluechilli were called upon to interpret how the rebrand would look in animation form, and tasked with producing an animated video for UoB’s Department of Social Work and Social Care, focusing on ‘Eight top tips to embed strengths-based practice’. 

In order to take on this task, we were required to go on a fact finding mission with the University to understand the look, feel and scope of the project, in order to gain a solid foundation from which to create an animated video to be used by the UoB across their chosen platforms.

Having received its royal charter in 1990 as a successor to Queen’s College Birmingham (founded in 1825) and Mason Science College (established in 1875), it was important that the UoB’s rebranding project accurately represented the University as it is today, whilst also remaining faithful to its long history. With the first social studies course taught at the University of Birmingham in 1908, we established the importance of creating a video for the Department of Social Work and Social care with a design that honours this long history as well as presenting the forward-thinking nature of this prestigious institute of education.

The Digital Animation Process

Before we could start the creative process of animation, it was important for us to take the brief provided to us and carry out our research so that we could present our findings to the client for discussion. We shared our ideas with the University for how we could effectively use animation to convey the important messages of the importance of strengths-based practices in social care.

Once our ideas were approved, we created detailed storyboards to again present back to the client for further feedback. With the storyboards agreed upon, we were then free to work on the creation of the final asset, which would feature animations in line with the messaging, which we established through text, along with a voice-over and background music. We worked frame by frame, creating illustrations to fit the text and audio of the video, with every frame brought together with the next through animation.

Through the creative process, it was important for us to refer to the brand guidelines set in place by the University’s recent re-branding, from use of colour and illustrative style, through to using the correct, recognisable fonts.

Having created an initial first look animated asset, we sent this to the client for their feedback, allowing us to make amends based on their thoughts. With changes made as necessary, we were able to present a new animated draft to the University to seek their final approval. Having had the go-ahead, our remaining job was to send the final, Hi-Res animation over to the client for them to use across their chosen digital platforms.

The Finished Product

Having worked closely with the University on this project, we were able to deliver a finished product that perfectly aligned with their aims and expectations.


Following the final sign-off of the animation, the University of Birmingham were very satisfied with the results. Professor Robin Miller of the Department of Social Work and Social Care commented:

“For this animation we wanted something imaginative to engage different audiences whilst also needing the graphics to respond to the exacting design guidelines of the university – Bluechilli handled this potential tension magnificently. 

“Throughout the process they were responsive, attentive, and highly communicative, meaning that we knew what was happening and when, and could provide our thoughts and input as helpful. I would thoroughly recommend Bluechilli for anyone looking to convey meaning in a creative and yet also clear way.”

Animation and Videography to Tell Your Story

Are you working on a rebrand or looking for new ways to present your brand messaging? With our expertise in design, illustration, animation and video production, we are here to help you tell your stories your own way.

Animated assets can simplify complex information, making it accessible and appealing, which is crucial for communicating new brand propositions and values. Its visual appeal and motion also enhance recall rates, making animated branding elements like logos, mascots, or explainer videos stick in the viewer’s mind long after they’ve been seen. This makes animation an invaluable tool for both reinforcing a brand’s existing identity and successfully introducing a new one.

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