Evonic website redesign
Evonic website redesign

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Case Study: Evonic Website Redesign

Evonic specialise in providing bespoke decentralised energy solutions for the public, commercial, industrial and manufacturing sectors, with a mission to help organisations be more sustainable by offsetting their carbon generation, and developing a greater understanding of their energy needs in order to reduce energy consumption whilst maximising returns on investment.

As a company that prides themselves on innovation and creative solutions, Evonic were looking to update their online brand to match this. We were tasked with redesigning and developing their website to reflect the growth of Evonic and provide the best possible user experience for their growing client base. 

Our web design team sat down with Evonic to discuss their aims for the new website, taking time to understand their unique audience and the key selling points of their business. The aim of the website redesign project was to create an online presence that effectively matches Evonic’s status as a forward-thinking company, but also features a user-friendly structure, designed to ensure that site users can navigate their way to the most relevant content seamlessly.

Our Approach to UX

To begin improving the user experience (UX) of Evonic’s website, we took a systematic approach, considering a wide range of different aspects that work together to enhance usability, accessibility and overall satisfaction for their target users. Having spent time getting to know Evonic, we conducted detailed user and competitor analysis, gaining a stronger understanding of the existing website’s pain points, along with considering user preferences, and identifying best practices to meet user needs and stand out from the competition.

From this point, we began work on creating wireframes to help visualise the new design and structure, in order to gather essential feedback from our client and identify any potential issues early on in the redesign process. We considered whether Evonic’s target users were catered for through the design and UX of the website and made changes as necessary.

Responsive Web Design

One of our central focuses for the Evonic website redesign was to ensure that the website functions equally as effectively regardless of the device it is viewed on. In 2023, the percentage of users viewing websites on a mobile device is as high as 55% globally, so for websites to engage users and provide excellent UX, responsive design should never be an afterthought. 

A key aspect of redesigning the Evonic website was to ensure that not only are all elements of the websites viewable and easy to see or read, but also to make sure that the website is as easy to navigate using a mobile device as it is on a laptop or desktop computer. To provide a website that effectively reflects Evonic as a company, we ensured that every page of the website adapts and scales its content and design elements to match different sized screens, whilst providing an eye-pleasing and consistent visual experience for visitors.

Visual Design and Branding

A key part of the redesign process was to elevate Evonic’s branding. We took the existing logo and enhanced the branding with a new colour palette, fonts and imagery, which formed the basis for the visual design of their website.

To decide on a new colour scheme for Evonic, we considered the psychological impact of a range of different colour combinations and how they associate with the brand values. We settled on a warm orange colour to convey a sense of vibrancy and warmth, combined with ambition and excitement, designed to reflect on Evonic’s work on delivering eco-friendly energy solutions, using the latest carbon-friendly technologies. 

To prevent the orange elements being too overwhelming, we contrasted them with neutral dark greys to evoke a sense of elegance and professionalism, creating a modern and minimalist look. This combination of colours has allowed us to create a website design that balances energy and excitement with calmness.

Finalised Design

Having decided on a wireframe, we were able to build the Evonic website with the new design, in order to conduct usability testing with real users to identify any remaining usability issues and to gain further insight on how users interact with the new and improved design. At this point, we were able to make refinements based on feedback, and implement the finalised design, consistent with the final wireframe and ensuring the visual design and branding was consistent across the whole website.

Following the launch of Evonic’s brand new website, Commercial Director Richard Suthon said “Bluechilli have expertly created a modern, innovative website that is easy to navigate, cleverly designed, and far exceeds our expectations. Their guidance, patience, and highly professional approach translated into a digital space that we are proud of.”

Whilst now live, we will continue to monitor user feedback and engagement on the Evonic website, as well as analytical data, in order to make informed decisions for any further changes to the website’s design or branding.

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