NoFo Brew Co brand video
NoFo Brew Co brand video

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Case Study: NoFo Brew Co UK Brand Video

Having worked with Walsall FC regularly in recent years, we were excited to work with club sponsor NoFo Brew Co on their UK launch earlier this year. 

Founded in 2019 by Joe Garcia, Shannon Miles and Bryan Miles, NoFo Brew Co is a US craft beer and spirits brand. The name NoFo references North Forsyth, the original location of the brewery, which now has three locations in the state of Georgia. Last year, Bryan and Shannon Miles became part owners and NoFo became a proud sponsor of Walsall FC, leading to plans for their products to be introduced in the UK. Earlier this year, we were commissioned to produce a UK brand video to showcase NoFo Brew Co’s first international launch.

Building a Community - NoFo Brew Co and Walsall FC

The main goal of NoFo’s UK brand video was to not only showcase their launch into the UK market, but to tell the story about the “why” behind joining with Walsall FC. They wanted to share why they fell in love with Walsall and the community surrounding the club, and the many parallels with the communities in the brand’s home in Georgia. Once NoFo’s proud partnership with Walsall FC was established, supporters began to ask for NoFo beers in the stadium, culminating in the successful UK launch of their products at Walsall’s Poundland stadium, and supporter’s club bar, “The Locker”. 

With the leadership group of NoFo visiting Walsall to celebrate the launch of their beers in the UK, they wanted to create an evergreen brand video aimed at Walsall fans and UK craft beer enthusiasts, that showcases everything they love about Walsall FC, how the club uses its influence and position in the community for good, and how this aligns with the values of NoFo. They wanted the video to capture the joy and camaraderie around beer and football in a vibrant and palpable way.

The Goal

Before starting work on the production of NoFo’s UK brand video, it was important for us to collaborate closely with the team at NoFo to gain a thorough understanding of their visions and goals for the video. 

From our discussions, we established how important it was to show their joy in being part of the Walsall FC community, buying into the values of the club, and sharing in the energy around the team. NoFo stated the importance of authenticity, showing their genuine passion for the club, talking to fans, sharing beers in The Locker supporter’s bar, enjoying the match, and fostering community.

Whilst we captured footage of the NoFo UK launch event at Walsall’s game against Notts County, the aim was not to create a launch video, but an evergreen video to showcase the NoFo Brew Co brand in the UK for a long time to come.

We took meticulous notes of the variety of shots that NoFo wanted to be used in the video, including:


  • Aerial shots of Walsall FC’s stadium
  • Extensive shots from within the stadium and supporter’s club bar, The Locker, including beer being poured into NoFo/Walsall FC branded glasses
  • Close up shots of the NoFo team and Walsall Fans enjoying their beer
  • Wide shots of the excitement in The Locker and around the stadium
  • Panning shots of NoFo branding on signage
  • Shots of the NoFo team and fans cheering on Walsall FC versus Notts County
  • Footage of the NoFo team engaging in West Midlands culture, including eating orange battered chips


We also filmed talking head pieces with co-founders Bryan and Shannon Miles, CEO and co-founder Joe Garcia, and director of marketing and events, Eliana Barnard, to be interspersed with the extensive footage captured during the UK launch event.

Production and Editing

With a plan of action in place, we were on site at NoFo’s UK launch at Walsall FC to capture the events of the day, making sure to collect all of the desired shots. We also filmed talking heads with key NoFo personnel as planned, providing them the chance to discuss the work done over the last year to make the UK launch possible, what the team are most excited about now that their beer is available in the UK, and the moments that stood out to them as most impactful during their time engaging with the Walsall FC community.

We were able to secure extensive material to create a fun, energetic brand showcase video that fosters a strong sense of community, and a commitment to building a lasting relationship with Walsall FC, their supporters and craft beer enthusiasts in the UK.

With all footage captured, our video and animation team were able to create the following videos to be used across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Twitter and web:


  • Video 1: A 4 minute NoFO UK brand video – horizontal format
  • Video 2: A 90 second brand sizzle cut – vertical format
  • Video 3: A short 11-14 second web video featuring 6-8 different clips – horizontal format with focus in the centre of the shot so it can be responsive on mobile devices
  • 7 10-15 second B-roll clips for social media – vertical format


We communicated with the NoFo leadership throughout the editing process in order to gain feedback to create finished products that our client is delighted with.

“Working with Karl, Adam, Harry, Rose and the entire team at Bluechilli was so incredible for our team. We felt we hit the jackpot with a perfect video partner in the UK. They listened intently to our goals for the video project and helped us craft a fantastic vision. 

“Their team was super respectful throughout the travel and process and very fun to be around. Every team member possesses great knowledge and experience. Their editing style is right on point, and we were also impressed with their animation abilities. They communicated with us so well throughout the entire process. 

“We’re beyond pleased with the final products and look forward to working with Bluechilli again in the future!”

Eliana Barnard – NoFo Brew Co

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