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Case Study: Rosti Website Redesign

Levells, our strategic partner, came to us with a challenge for one of their clients, Rosti, a leading global plastic injection moulding and contract manufacturing company. Their current site had become dated, due to the new brand positioning and markets Levells had positioned Rosti within. Alongside this fact, that the old site no longer aligned with Rosti’s business objectives and goals.   

So, working alongside Levells, our collaboration aimed to revamp Rosti’s online presence, aligning it with their reputation as a forward-thinking company with an extensive global footprint, delivering cutting-edge manufacturing services. Through an extensive website redesign and development process, ‘we’ crafted a website that not only showcases Rosti’s capabilities and helps them stand out from competitors throughout the world, but offers a clean look and seamless user experience.

Initial challenges

As an organisation with an extensive global production footprint, with multiple bases in Europe, Asia and North America, Rosti previously had three separate websites – a US site, a Turkish site, and the original Rosti website. With information spread across these different websites, this did not make for a user-friendly experience, so we had a challenge ahead of us.

We were called upon to consolidate information from each of the existing Rosti online platforms to create a single centralised hub for all Rosti locations, providing a seamless experience to allow users to navigate through different countries and regions and find the information they need in as few clicks as possible.

One of our first tasks with Levells, was to review what we had in front of us, combing through the content of each of the existing Rosti websites to understand where it would best fit on a new central website. This allowed us to establish a wireframe for how the new site’s navigation would work. To do this we had to translate all text to English, helping us to rewrite it to fit a consistent tone of voice, establishing ‘A Rosti Way’ of communication.

Mega Navigation

Having created a wireframe for how content from three websites would be established into a single hub, we faced the challenge of creating a navigation menu that would provide access to all website pages, but allow for a smooth user journey, presenting all options in a clean and clear way without overwhelming users with too much information. To do this, we developed a mega navigation menu.

The mega navigation is an expandable menu, offering a large panel displaying an extensive list of choices to users in a way that is palatable. Rather than displaying a single column of options like a traditional dropdown menu, we developed a menu to show all available options in a multi-column layout, organised into categories to provide clarity for users.

Choosing a mega navigation provides a number of important benefits, including:

  • Improved usability – by displaying all available options at once, it’s easier for users to find what they are looking for without having to navigate through multiple layers of menus. As information for various Rosti locations is consolidated in one website, it’s easy to navigate to relevant information for each country. 
  • Efficient organisation – pages are grouped into categories and sections within the menu to enhance the navigation and make life easier for the user.
  • Enhanced navigation – users can see the depth of the information available on the website at a glance of the mega navigation menu.
  • Visual appeal – using a mega navigation allowed us to create a much more visually appealing menu, including visual elements including maps and images, helping to attract and retain the user’s attention.
  • Space Efficiency – the mega navigation menu covers the full width of the page to allow for a clean, organised layout.

By providing quick access to the vast number of options available, the mega menu not only increases usability but encourages users to explore more content, potentially increasing engagement and the amount of time spent on the site.

Despite the benefits of a mega navigation, we had to be extremely thoughtful to avoid overwhelming users with too much information at once, as well as ensuring the menu would be mobile-friendly, given that an ever increasing number of internet users are predominantly using a mobile device. Through taking time to review and rewrite content for the Rosti website, and develop an in-depth wireframe, we were able to develop the most efficient and user-friendly mega navigation menu.

Clean Design

One of Rosti’s most important specifications for their new website was for it to have a clean and modern look, highlighting the expertise of the organisation and presenting them as a forward thinking and cutting-edge company. The light colour scheme of white and greys, with darker grey text, not only fits with the Rosti brand, but helps to enhance usability and accessibility, ensuring the text is easy to read and helping to distinguish between different sections and elements on each page.

By opting for a light, airy, simplistic design, this helps to focus users’ attention on the content of the page, rather than the design elements, encouraging users to explore the website, increasing the chances of engagement with calls to action.

Having condensed information from three separate websites into this new central hub, the Rosti website is home to a lot of information, so it was essential for us to present each page in a way that is easy to digest and not overwhelming on the eye. To achieve this, we made great use of headings to break content into palatable chunks, with a combination of white and grey backgrounds used to highlight different sections and dropdown elements used to keep the layout simple and reduce the need for endless scrolling.

It was also important for us to break each page up with a range of visual elements, including still images, videos, and illustrations for key facts and figures.

Other Challenges

Whilst combining information from three websites into a new centralised hub for all Rosti locations was a key challenge that we were aware of prior to starting this design and development project, there were some further challenges for us to overcome along the way.

One such challenge was connecting the website to Rosti’s chosen CRM software. Initially, we worked to connect the website to ClickDimensions CRM to help them to manage, track, and store information related to current and potential customers. However, it was then decided that Rosti would be switching to Microsoft One Dynamics, which provides an all-in-one solution for business management, including CRM, payroll and more, helping to make operations simpler. As a result, we adapted and successfully integrated the new Rosti website with their chosen software.

Whilst the new Rosti website is a completely bespoke build, our client wanted to be able to keep the ability to make edits to text and images in the future. As a result, we were challenged with integrating a user-friendly content management system, providing simple access to the website whenever there is a need to update text or photos.

The Finished Product

From initial research, through to the design, development and delivery of a completely bespoke website to provide a central source of information for the global Rosti brand, the entire project took fourteen months to complete. Working alongside Levells, we were able to create a dynamic digital platform that reflects Rosti’s commitment to innovation and delivering top-quality solutions to their clients worldwide. 

Users can now seamlessly access all the information they need, navigating seamlessly through different countries and regions, and different services, in order to find exactly what they are looking for with as few clicks as possible. Overall, the new website saves time and effort for both the company and their customers, showing Rosti’s commitment to staying connected with its key audience.

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