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Case Study: Viskin Amazon US Storefront

We were recently approached by our client Viskin to launch a new line of medical garments in the North American market. The Viskin product line includes garments for men, women, boys, girls and toddlers, designed to help those suffering with skin conditions to enjoy a better quality of life.

Each garment is designed to be completely seamless, helping prevent irritation and aid recovery from a range of skin conditions. Whilst the primary function of the Viskin product is medical, it was also important for us to build a brand that highlights the fashion and lifestyle qualities of the garments, promoting clothes that are appealing to the eye as well as comfortable on the skin.

To introduce Viskin to the North American market, our client wanted to develop an Amazon US storefront. We were tasked with creating this with nothing but the product itself. In order to build a visually appealing and effective Amazon storefront, we were required to develop the Viskin brand name and identity, brand visual and photography styling and brand language. With a strong brand concept in place, we were then able to create the digital assets required to bring the storefront to life online.

Viskin Brand Development

In order to develop a strong brand to appeal to the North American market and achieve a thorough start to finish result that we could all be proud of, we decided to work alongside our brand strategy partner, Levells. 

Following discussions with our client, we worked with Levells to conduct extensive product and market research to gain a strong understanding of the Viskin product offering and their competitors in the Amazon US landscape. It was important for us to establish the key differentiators that would help their product to stand out in a crowded market, particularly as they are entering this market for the first time.

Following our research, We were able to recommend focusing on Viskin’s status as a confident and experienced UK manufacturer in order to create a strong, appealing brand language. Whilst the Viskin product may be brand new, It has been developed by a well established textiles brand, with extensive experience and expertise in the medical garments sector. 

With our brand messaging established, we focused our attention on designing a brand and digital assets to match this.

Digital Design

Having established a strong brand content styling and language, this provided an excellent foundation from which to tackle the digital side of Viskin’s brand development, focusing on user experience to deliver strong brand assets and underpin the brand persona, and positioning into the market.

We approached crafting consumer content visuals with a focus on vividly capturing the essence of the product. Our first step was to capture each product through film. Working with our lifestyle photographer, we captured a combination of still images and film, showcasing Viskin’s biggest USP – a completely seamless garment. The editing in this process was absolutely vital to the rest of the project. The clarity of the images and video set the scene for how the rest of the digital assets would evolve, providing a clear platform to develop strong messaging at key points.

Following the successful lifestyle photography process, we could turn our attention to the graphics to form the messaging for the Viskin Amazon ecommerce platform. These graphics had to be completely unique, establishing Viskin as something new and different, but with expertise and prestige. 

Finally, when all digital content was in place, this allowed for us to start the ongoing process of building an Amazon US storefront. Starting with the home page and key digital assets, the consumer can go to and view each product, reassured by the brand messaging that they are buying into a great British textile brand.

To support Viskin’s Amazon presence, we have also designed and developed a website, ensuring a strong brand identity consistent with the Amazon storefront. By ensuring consistent branding across all digital design assets, maintaining an agile Amazon site and website, Viskin are positioned as a market leader in their field.

David Milner from Viskin said “We entrusted the pivotal task of launching our revolutionary Viskin line to the talented team at Bluechilli, and the results have exceeded our expectations. Their expertise in brand development and seamless integration into the North American market, particularly through the creation of a standout Amazon US storefront, has been nothing short of exceptional.”

Brand Identity and Ecommerce

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