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How Motion Graphics Animation Drives Customer Engagement

Have engagement levels on your website and social media platforms hit a brick wall? It may be time to shake up your marketing strategy and explore new ways to excite your audience. The internet grows more saturated with content every day, so to successfully drive and maintain customer engagement, your messages need to be eye-catching and tangible. If motion graphics animation and animated video are not a key part of your marketing strategy, they should be.

Animation grabs attention… and keeps it

Research suggests that the average internet user’s attention span is somewhat short and continues to decrease whilst the volume of online content increases daily. Today, you have just a few seconds to capture attention, and even then, it’s harder still to get your audience to stick around and engage.

Whilst blog posts and articles can convey your message and offer great detail, the most effective way to win and maintain the attention of your customers and potential customers is to stimulate them visually. Static images may be more effective than text, but animation or video is always the most visually appealing choice. Motion graphics animation not only grabs initial attention, but it continues to provide new information in a way that is pleasing to the eye, maintaining customer interest.

Adapting to Different Channels

With different dimensions required for different social media channels and ad spaces, a creative designer can cater to this, thereby allowing quality graphics to slot perfectly into different digital spaces, free of blurs and pixelization. By promoting this consistency in your branding and design quality can help your brand to push a reliable and professional identity.

In addition, brand identity can be effective beyond online promotions. Request infographics to use in blogs, website graphics and email newsletters to push your brand identity throughout your digital marketing. This helps to provide consistent branding, which target audiences can recognise and trust.

Brand awareness

As animated visuals help to increase the likelihood of information retention, making regular use of animated visuals via your website and other digital platforms means that internet users and potential customers are much more likely to remember your brand and recognise you instantly the next time they come across your content.

Inspires an emotional connection

A key challenge of using animation to convey your marketing message is to appeal to your target audience on an emotional level without being too obvious. Simply put, animation is a storytelling tool, allowing you to put your message across in a simple and relatable way. Animated content provides the opportunity to tell a story that your audience can empathise with – take the opportunity to show what they may have in common with you. Connecting on an emotional level is much more likely to inspire response and engagement, whether this be to make a purchase, leave a comment, or to share your content.

By inspiring an emotional connection, animated content not only helps to increase conversion rates, but also to increase brand visibility and recognition amongst a larger audience.

Boosts social media engagement

As social media provides an accessible platform to express your brand personality and creativity, it provides the perfect opportunity to share animations, video and other visual content.

As well as being highly visual, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok are also highly collaborative. It’s all in the name – ‘Social’ media allows your audience to share content with your brand, as well as engaging with your posts via likes, comments, or sharing your content. As discussed, motion graphics are great for inspiring an emotional reaction, so make the most of social media to drive more user engagement.

Easy to consume

Animations are appealing to the eye and easier to consume. As a result, they are an ideal way to break down more complicated ideas in a visual way, without losing the attention of your audience. For example, if you are introducing a new product or want to discuss a new idea, animation can be an effective way to get your point across and maintain the interest of your target customer.

With the average internet user unlikely to take the time to read long product descriptions or articles, animated videos can show products or services in action, breaking down the most important information into simple points to engage even the laziest social media users or website visitors, and increase conversion rates.

Improves search rankings

As well as helping to drive user engagement and increase awareness of your brand, animated videos can also have a positive effect on search engine rankings. When an individual performs a search that is relevant to a product or brand, videos typically appear at the top of the results, helping drive existing and potential customers to your content.

A further effect of improved search rankings is greater brand visibility, and the opportunity to increase brand awareness. When search engine users find a video that appeals to them on some emotional level, they are much more likely to make a purchase and to further explore a brand.

Motion Graphics Animation to Boost Your Customer Engagement

If your customer engagement levels are static, it’s time to make animation a key element of your marketing strategy and find innovative new ways to promote your products and services. We are here to help you bring your brand to life.

Our team of motion graphics designers are experienced in creating all forms of animation, from GIFs and dynamic website backgrounds, to social media assets and animated explainer videos. When it comes to connecting with your audience and telling your story, there is no limit to how creative you can be!

Let us help you tell your story. Get in touch today.

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