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5 Ways to Use Large Format Graphics for Exhibition Marketing

With many brands relying on digital campaigns, exhibitions are a great opportunity for one-to-one interaction with target audiences. During exhibition events customers can come to you and have a meaningful interaction about their unique needs. Therefore, it is important during exhibitions to showcase how you differ from competitor brands. To do so successfully, you need to be creative. In a hall full of passionate entrepreneurs, plan how you can attract attendees to your exhibition stand. Large format graphics can work perfectly for attracting attention in high traffic areas. These large scale designs feature creative graphic design work, to draw people in. Focus on your priority USPs during your exhibition and use large format graphics to promote that.

There are lots of ideas on how you can take advantage of this, including:

Exhibition Stand Backdrop

Before arriving at an exhibition, you may already know everyone will have a minimum of a table and a few leaflets. Utilise your event space as much as possible, by using large format graphics as a stand backdrop. This can help add colour to your stand and portray professionalism, creativity and quality services.

If you cannot fit a backdrop behind you stand, consider something slightly smaller to position in front of your stand. Having it in front means you can add more information, as people can read it more clearly there.

Social Media Promotions

Promoting your social media profiles is a great way to keep attendees engaged with your brand after the exhibition. You can then keep them updated on exciting brand news and launches, so they won’t forget you.

To encourage them to follow, keep it simple. Make sure your page names are short, sweet and include your brand name. Printing a QR code onto your large format graphics, will mean all they need to do is a smartphone scan. If you have room in your budget to provide an initiative for follows, do so.


Large format graphics can captivate a lot of attention with the right design. Promoting a competition on your large format graphics will draw a lot of people over to your stand. Plan your competition carefully and make the rules straight forward. This will make it easier to keep your design focused on imagery instead of fine print.

Campaign Promotion

If you have recently launched a new promotional campaign, take the opportunity to promote it using large format graphics. It is much easier to engage an audience when focusing on one subject, rather than trying to cover everything. Use this campaign as your gateway to conversation with interested attendees.


Large scale graphics do not need to be entirely formal. Use them for activities, such as games, quizzes, photo face in the holes and noticeboards for attendees to stick messages to.

Enquiring for Large Format Graphics

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