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Logo Graphic Design Ideas for Your Company Rebrand

Logo graphic design is a huge part of rebranding your company. A well-designed logo is the most recognisable part of your brand and conveys a lot about you. Therefore, each aspect of the logo design process should be carefully considered, with focus on your brand message.


The most influential aspect of your new logo will be the colour you choose. Colours are very symbolic, so it is important to conduct research into the possible connotations before choosing. You can then match colours to your company’s message for effective branding.

  • White – Cleanliness, hygiene, purity
  • Yellow – Joy, confidence, optimism
  • Orange – Energy, sensuality, creativity
  • Red – Power, excitement, love, celebration
  • Pink – Femininity, sexuality, nurture
  • Green – Relaxation, natural, peace
  • Blue – Intelligence, logic, calm
  • Purple – Fantasy, creativity, mystery


Communication is key when developing your brand and connecting with your target audience. Therefore, when choosing your font, you need to focus on the message you are trying to convey. Different fonts tell different stories about a brand, for example:

  • Serif Font – Formal, trustworthy, academic, editorials
  • Slab Serif – Innovative, influential, modern, creative, technology
  • Sans Serif – Clarity, forward thinking, fashion, technology
  • Script – Emotion, creativity
  • Modern – Intelligent, style, modern
  • Decorative – Fun, unique, casual


Incorporating an emblem into your logo design can make your brand more easily recognisable. For example, McDonald’s golden arches and Starbuck’s mermaid are easily recognised by mass audiences, even without the brand name displayed underneath.

When choosing your own emblem, consider what your brand represents and who you want to appeal to. Try to avoid anything trendy, as it will soon go out of style. Also, complete your market research first to ensure you’re designing something unique.


When it comes to logo graphic design, less is often more. Remove excessive details and keep your logo design minimal to keep it professional, unique and clear. This includes removing any clutter so the focus is solely on what it needs to be to communicate your brand clearly and effectively.

Need Help with your Logo Graphic Design?

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