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Finding a Marketing Brochure Design to Reflect Your Brand

Brand consistency helps your business to develop a loyal and trusting relationship between your brand and audience. For effective brand awareness, your marketing brochure design should be consistent with your brand colours, language and design style. This is important for all of your branded resources, to spark that memorable connection with your audience.

To get started on your brochure design, see our step-by-step guide below.

Finding Your Style

Before you begin drawing any draft designs, you need to complete some serious research. If you already have strong branding in place, that’s great and you can skip this step. If not, continue reading.

Begin your research with your brand’s mission statement. You need to explore how to translate these goals to your target audience through colour, thought-provoking copy and engaging design. A great way to research this is through focus groups, as you can interact with your target audience face-to-face.

If you are unable to arrange a focus group, see what your competitors are doing. Analyse what is and isn’t working for them, to create opportunities for your own branding. Search their website, social media channels and any printed materials you come across.

Choosing Your Layout

Centre your brochure design around what will organise your text best. Bullet points, bold headings and quotes are great for separating topics and making long copy less overwhelming for readers. Our team can also help you to create engaging infographics to visualise your information.

Also, plan carefully which order you would like different subjects to appear in your brochure. This will help to create structure for an easy read.

Colour in Brochure Design

Great branding requires a balanced design. The idea of less is more is great for keeping your design clear, relevant and to the point. Therefore, choose a maximum of three key brand colours and use them. These should be used on design features, such as bullet points, anchor text and headings.

If you are photographing your own images for the brochure design, you could subtly incorporate your brand colours into the model’s outfit and surroundings.

Choosing Your Call to Actions

A marketing brochure can be a great steppingstone to get customers to convert. Therefore, be wise when choosing your call to actions. For example, you could direct them to a dedicated landing page for more information on a specific product or service.

Or, leave them with a phone number to call to book their free consultation or a discount code for their first purchase. It is entirely up to you and what you think would add the most value to your marketing strategy.

Final Decisions

Once you are confident in your design, it is time to focus on printing. Firstly, you will need to decide on your paper weight in GSM, which refers to the weight of 1×1 meter square of paper. Most brochure designs opt for between 170 – 300 GSM.

Next, you need to choose between a matte, semi-gloss and glossy finish. Along with any speciality processes such as foil, UV spots or embossing. A marketing brochure is about providing a tangible resource for audiences to enjoy, so choose thoughtfully.

Enquiring about Marketing Brochure Design

In addition to graphic design, we also offer a complete artworking and layout service at Bluechilli. Working alongside your team, we can develop fully branded brochures, newsletters and magazines to meet your print and digital requirements.

For brand consistency, quality printing and brilliant design, get in touch with our team today.

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