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The Benefits of Using Large Format Printing to Advertise

Whilst so much emphasis is now placed on digital media as marketing and advertising platforms, a savvy marketeer understands that print is still a highly effective marketing tool with the potential for a high return on investment. Smaller format print materials such as leaflets, flyers and brochures can see success in reaching a targeted audience, but it can be argued that large format printing makes the biggest impact for advertising your brand, products or services.

There is no denying that digital and social media marketing is vital for establishing a strong online presence for your brand, but large format print can provide a larger than life physical presence to increase brand visibility and capture new customers. Large advertising materials can help your brand to reach bigger audiences, particularly at times when a city or town is getting a lot of visitors. For example, the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham provides a perfect opportunity for brands to reach new audiences via print advertising in large formats, from billboards to advertising banners and posters.

Here are just a few of the ways that large format printing can help you add new dimensions to your advertising strategy and expand your reach.

Bigger is Better

When it comes to drawing attention to your brand and advertising what you have to offer to customers, big is often best. The bigger your marketing message, the easier it is to see, the more people it will reach, and with an effective marketing strategy and execution, the more people will be talking about you.

Large print media such as posters, banners, billboards, signing and even vehicle graphics are big enough to catch the eye, increasing brand awareness, and drawing attention to your marketing messaging, and other essential information about your business, products, services or events. Think about the effect that large billboards have on you as you drive past on a daily basis.

Consider that the volume of online content multiplies every day, meaning that so much goes unnoticed. We are exposed to so much digital content on a daily basis that we become blind to it. Print marketing can be just the tool to help your brand stand out and be noticed.

Large Format Print is Long Lasting

Large print media stands the test of time – one of the key benefits of the products created by large format printers is they are designed with durability in mind. As a result, large format print is a highly effective form of advertising exposure.

For posters, banners, billboards and vehicle graphics that are designed to be outside, high quality print and materials ensures that the designs will withstand fading from direct sunlight. Large format print can also be water-resistant, meaning that billboards, banners and signs will not need to be replaced regularly, but also that they can be cleaned to ensure they continue to achieve high impact.

For products such as banners and event banner stands, high quality large format banner printing solutions ensure that they can be safely packed away and transported from location to location without damage.

Online and Offline Engagement

As well as generating brand awareness and encouraging people to talk about your brand, large format marketing and advertising materials can also help to generate online engagement.

Simple touches such as including website and social media information on print materials help encourage a new audience to interact with your brand online. Whilst print may be considered a traditional or even old-fashioned media, the latest technologies mean that print materials can help create a more interactive experience for potential new customers. For example, large banner printing allows for QR codes to point people to your website, social media, or even to specific competitions or offers.

Increased Conversions

It goes without saying that the aim of practically any advertising campaign is to increase conversions. Effective large format print advertising can have an excellent return on investment by considerably increasing conversion rates. For example, for B2C companies, exposing a wider audience to your brand helps to draw more visitors to your ecommerce platforms. You would be surprised how many consumers decide to make a purchase based on a billboard or sign alone.

In addition to increasing online conversions, the awareness that print advertising generates also helps to increase foot traffic for customer facing retail, hospitality and leisure businesses.

Your Large Format Printing Needs

Are you ready to get your message out there where a large new market can see it? We are here to help ensure your advertising campaigns have maximum visibility and impact. From initial discussions and design concepts, through to the first quality large format printing, our team of creatives are on hand to help you deliver your message in the biggest way possible.

At Bluechilli, we are committed to investing in the most up to date technology and equipment to deliver the most eye-catching and durable end products, whilst also meeting your budgets.

Bring large format print into your marketing mix. Get in touch today to talk through your large format needs.

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