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The Real Cost of a Website Redesign – How Much Should You Budget?

For any business, your website is a crucial asset. It provides an opportunity to make a strong first impression, serves as a virtual storefront and acts as a powerful tool for attracting and engaging customers. However, as technology advances and design trends evolve, your website can soon be left behind. If your website is no longer having the same impact, it may be time to consider a revamp. The question you may be asking yourself is “how much should a website redesign really cost?”

While a website redesign can significantly enhance a business’s online presence, it’s important to understand the real costs of this undertaking. Budgeting carefully for a new website design helps your business achieve the desired outcome of increased visibility and engagement, without breaking the bank. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the factors that contribute to the cost of redesigning a WordPress website, providing insight into how you can determine a suitable budget for your investment. Read on to learn about the hidden expenses, key considerations, and strategies involved in estimating the true cost of a redesign that truly elevates your website above your competitors. Whether you’re an SME or a well-established enterprise, understanding the financial implications of this process will empower you to set realistic expectations, make informed decisions, and see maximum return on your investment.

Let’s dive into the world of WordPress website design costs and discover how your business can navigate this complex landscape to achieve a compelling online presence that drives success!

What are the main factors determining website redesign cost?

Firstly, it’s important to consider your budget for changing up your online presence. Whilst you may consider redesigning your website to be part of your budget, this investment should be in addition to the revenue you are using to market your business, so it’s important to understand how much money you actually have to spend on your website.

To learn how much a full redesign of your WordPress site will cost, and whether you can afford to budget for a full redesign, or instead approach it in stages, it’s crucial to ask yourself the following key questions:

  1. What do you want your website to do for you?
    This may seem like a basic question, but it is the first thing that a creative web designer will ask you. You should take time to consider this. At this stage, don’t worry about design or competitors; think about what you want people to do when they land on your website.

    How do you want them to behave? Is your aim for them to make a purchase? Do you want them to book an appointment or arrange a call back? Do you want them to be able to arrange shipping? 
  2. How do you want your website to look
    Once you’ve determined what you want your website to be able to do, then you can think about what you want it to look like. Whilst it can be tempting to look at a competitor’s website and decide you would like to create something similar; this can be a dangerous choice. It may be that your competitors are not experiencing success through their website, or they may not have the same aims for their site as you do.

    Rather than modelling your website on competitor sites, you should instead focus on your own brand. Will you be looking to rebrand and update your style guide along with redesigning your website? When you add the cost of rebranding to the cost of changing up your website, you could be looking at more than you can budget for, so it may be a better choice to better utilise your current brand style guidelines in an updated web design.

Working with a Creative Design Agency for your Website Redesign

Whilst you may have considered whether taking a do-it-yourself approach is worthwhile, it’s important to consider how many hours you are likely to spend changing your website. If you are not happy with the results, then this could lead to many lost hours. You should also consider if redesigning your website inhouse will result in a website that achieves your aims for users or improves your SEO and online visibility. A successful redesign goes much further than simply choosing a new theme, so it’s advisable to work with creative designers to help you achieve results you can be satisfied with in a much shorter period of time. 

Is Web Design a One-Size-Fits-All Package?

Whilst some agencies may offer website design or redesign packages, redesign services with a fixed cost should be avoided. Every website is different and therefore the work required to achieve the intended aims differs from project to project. Depending on how you want your website to work for you, and what kind of user experience you want to provide for your customers, the structural development and aesthetic design work will vary.

The cost of website design work is based on the time taken to achieve the desired results. Redesigning a simple website with only a few pages and no eCommerce facilities will have a much shorter timeline, whereas a complex eCommerce website with a large number of pages will inevitably require many more hours of work, with the costs reflecting this.

In order to keep redesign costs down, it’s important to communicate closely with web designers and to be responsive at all stages of the project. By choosing one person to be the contact for creative designers and providing a strict brand guide for them to work with, you stand to achieve results you can be satisfied with in a shorter time, without piling on extra costs for changes resulting from too many people being involved in website decision making.

Website Maintenance

When you are happy with your website redesign, it’s important to consider not only maintenance services for when you wish to update your website from time to time, but also optimising your site for search. SEO and maintenance packages may be an extra cost that you wish to add on to the cost of your site redesign, on an ongoing basis.

Redesign your Website

If you feel that your website is not achieving its full potential and are ready for a redesign to help you reach a larger audience, increase engagement and more effectively achieve the goals of your business, contact Bluechilli to discuss your needs.

As a creative design and web design agency, we specialise in creating websites that are highly functional and catch the eye, helping you stand above your competition.

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