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creative design and branding trends

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Unveiling The Biggest Creative Design and Branding Trends in 2023

When we look at the key creative design and branding trends of 2023, we see a response to the times we are living in. As businesses in all sectors are battling to survive and thrive in challenging economic, social and political times, consumers are not only seeking honesty and authenticity from the brands they interact with, but a sense of joy and escapism that contrasts with current events in the world.

The needs and perspectives of consumers and society as a whole are ever changing, so it’s important for businesses to reflect on how they are reacting to this in a creative way. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to dive into the extraordinary world of design as we unveil the biggest creative design and branding trends of 2023 and look at the many ways brands are seeking to stand out.

Creative design that embraces nostalgia

With the socio-political and economic landscapes of today a constant concern for businesses and consumers, one of the key trends we are experiencing in 2023 is creative designs that embrace nostalgia. An increasing number of brands are working on bold and colourful designs evoking popular aesthetics of different eras, helping to create a sense of escapism.

Some brands are embracing flashy design trends from times as recent as the 90s and 2000s, evoking nostalgia and a sense of familiarity for the millennial generation that grew up in those years. In contrast, we are also seeing exciting designs that hark back to the glamour of the roaring 20s, bright optimism of the post-war world in the 50s, or the curvy lines, bold colours and patterns of the 70s.

At a time where people may be feeling more divided despite many of us facing similar challenges, nostalgic branding provides a sense of simplicity and comfort. Tapping into the emotions of a particular era allows brands to forge powerful new connections and generate and resonate with their consumer markets.

App-first design

Whilst nostalgia may be a key tactic for many brands, it is not quite so effective on Gen Z. To attract the attention of younger audiences, a key trend for 2023 is design and branding that is inspired by or emulates the aesthetics of popular apps. In recent years, apps like Instagram, SnapChat and TikTok have risen at a monumental rate, capturing the attention and achieving emotional connections with young adults.

When it comes to design, creative designers are increasingly focusing on influential apps for design. For example, when creating branding and marketing tools for different platforms, it’s important to consider how each element will work for each app. For example, in addition to colours, typography and animations, brands are considering how sound can also influence consumers. With an app-first design approach, brands can appeal to consumers in a multi-dimensional, multi-sense way, generating increased engagement and stronger emotional responses.

Branding with a social mission

Apart from aesthetics, another important trend for 2023 is that brands are emphasising their social impact through ‘mission-first branding’. In this era, consumers are increasingly socially conscious, so it’s not enough for brands to just say they care about social causes, they need to demonstrate their commitment to making a positive difference in the world. By aligning their values with meaningful social causes and ensuring this is central to their branding and design, brands can forge deeper connections with their audience and contribute towards a better society. 

In 2023, mission is a valuable part of a company’s brand, weaved into all elements of design and storytelling. Rather than adding a bold sign or heading, important social missions are embraced and weaved into designs in a way that is subtle, but establishes the value of the message.

Simplicity for maximum impact

In the creative design world, we have been talking about the importance of a ‘less is more’ approach for some time now, and this continues to gain traction. Many designers are focusing on making a bigger impact with fewer elements, emphasising simplicity and elegance to leave a lasting impression of a brand. A simple approach, using neutral colours and utilising blank space allows brands to communicate their core messages effectively whilst also staying in the mind of consumers.

Sensory stimulation

In contrast to a doing more with less approach, another key trend we are witnessing this year is overstimulated branding, which uses captivating imagery, bold colours and vibrant visuals to grab attention and create a memorable brand presence. In a world where consumers are bombarded with information, there is an opportunity for brands to embrace vibrant and striking design elements to create a visual language that captivates and engages audiences.

Beyond grabbing attention, overstimulated branding helps generate a sense of fun, playfulness and happiness that can reflect on the brand in a good light. When there is an endless news cycle of economic problems, politics and war, the light relief provided by sensory stimulating design cannot be underestimated.

Losing letters

An exciting trend that has grown momentum this year is the use of icons in place of letters. For example, many brands are swapping characters in their logos, brand names or messages for icons or illustrations to inject more creativity into their visual identity, creating a stronger sense of personality. Not only does this add a playful touch, it helps brands to establish a highly distinctive and recognisable image.

As attention spans grow shorter and markets grow more competitive, quirky techniques that can make a fun reference to the company, their products or their services can help a brand to stand out from their top competitors. 

Adding a fresh perspective to creative design and branding

In the realm of creative design, 2023 has delivered a wide range of innovative trends that build upon the current design landscape and respond to the times we are living in. From vibrant nostalgia and expressive lettering to minimalist or socially conscious designs, creative designers are pushing the boundaries and infusing fresh perspectives into their creations. Classic design elements and traditional media references are making a comeback, adding a twist of fun and excitement to the design space.

The key drivers behind creative and branding trends of 2023 are authenticity, meaningful connections, and pushing the boundaries of imagination. By embracing the power of aesthetics and innovative techniques, brands and designers can connect with their audience, tell compelling stories, and leave an indelible mark on the ever-evolving creative landscape.

If you are ready to invest in your cutting-edge brand, contact us today to discuss how the top design trends of the year can elevate your company.

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