Walsall FC season ticket video
Walsall FC season ticket video

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Case Study: Walsall FC Season Ticket Video

Bluechilli has had a long-standing relationship with Walsall FC, working on a wide range of creative design, branding and marketing projects for the club. For one of our most recent projects, we were commissioned to create a 2-minute video to launch the team’s 2024/25 season ticket campaign.

The Goal

The ultimate goal of the project was to launch Walsall FC’s season ticket campaign for the upcoming season, with the aim of increasing the number of season tickets sold. Working closely with the team, after researching how best to approach the campaign, we found that the resounding trend was that Walsall FC gives fans a sense of community. With this knowledge, we established the need to create a video that provides important information on season tickets, but more importantly, is heartfelt and emotive.

We agreed that taking an emotional approach to the campaign taps into the passion, loyalty, and collective identity that the fans feel for their club, creating a deeper connection that transcends the game itself. The club came up with the idea of following fans on a gameday, highlighting the rituals that are important to them. 

The Story


To decide on the story that the video would tell, we interviewed fans to learn more about their love for ‘The Saddlers’, how the club has affected them throughout their lives, and to gain a good understanding of what their average matchday looks like, before, during and after the game. We decided that the story would follow two distinct groups of fans, conveying the profound connection they feel for their team, and the shared moments of joy and heartbreak they experience.

At this point, we were able to put our ideas together to finalise the concept for the project and begin developing storyboards. To present the story in detail and allow us to start focusing on the shoot, our design team created detailed digital representations of key scenes. 

With the storyboard complete, we could then turn to identifying filming locations, considering lighting and accessibility.


The Shoot

On the chosen match day, we deployed two dedicated teams, each following a different group of fans throughout the day and capturing the diverse and vibrant emotions that unfolded. Our main aim was to capture the unique stories and deeply ingrained routines of different fans, whilst also drawing attention to the sense of community and unwavering love that all fans harbour for their club. 


Throughout the day, our videography teams captured:

  • How fans prepare at home
  • Morning routines, including kid’s football games
  • Visiting the pub before the game
  • Getting to the ground
  • Experiencing the game
  • After the match


In order to ensure as versatile and comprehensive a visual storytelling experience as possible, we chose to film in both 1920×1080 and 1080×1920 resolutions. Capturing footage in the standard 1920×1080 format provides high quality visuals that seamlessly integrate with YouTube and other landscape-oriented mediums. Filming simultaneously in 1080×1920 provides the versatility to also provide the best viewing experience on vertically oriented platforms, such as Instagram reels. 

By filming in landscape and portrait resolutions, we not only maximised the adaptability of our video, but ensured that it caters to different Walsall fans’ social media preferences, ensuring that the message of the video can be impactful, engaging users across all social media platforms.

The Final Product

Having captured footage from our two videography teams, we were able to begin constructing a narrative that conveys the profound emotional connection of being a Walsall FC supporter. 

In the final product, we provide a chronological narrative, detailing fans’ experiences throughout the day, interspersed with archive footage from the club of past achievements, helping to generate an emotional, nostalgic response from supporters old and new. The visual elements are supported by the integration of a well-crafted and emotive voiceover from a longtime fan of the club, expressing exactly what Walsall FC means to him and his family, backed by a stirring musical score and matchday soundbites. Synchronised with the narrative of the visual elements, the combination of spoken word, ambient sounds and music combine to contribute to a vibrant and compelling final product. 

By leveraging storytelling that highlights the club’s history and triumphs, but more importantly, the unique bond between the club and its supporters, the final video evokes feelings of pride, nostalgia and belonging. When fans are emotionally invested, they are more likely to commit to the club by purchasing a season ticket, wanting to be a part of the journey. Bringing the emotional element into the video helps transform purchasing season tickets from a mere transaction to a meaningful contribution to the legacy of Walsall FC and its community.

Launched on social media on the 22nd February with the simple tagline ‘Be Inspired. Be Involved’, the 2024/25 Walsall FC season ticket video has been viewed over 205.7k times on X alone.



“It was a pleasure collaborating with the Bluechilli team on this project. From understanding our initial brief to delivering an outstanding launch video ahead of the 2024/25 season tickets going on sale, they truly grasped our vision and executed it flawlessly. We have a great long-standing relationship, and their deep understanding of the club and its supporters is why we selected them for this campaign.

“The overwhelming positive response from fans has exceeded our expectations, and I’m confident we’ve created a campaign that truly honours both the club and its supporters. Additionally, we have surpassed the number of season tickets sold at the same point last season, which further highlights the success of the campaign.”

James Gibbins

Head of Marketing & Communications – Walsall FC

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