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What are the benefits of animation?

With the challenge of attracting and engaging audiences ever increasing, it is important to introduce assets into your marketing strategy that are going to cut through the noise and communicate your key messaging effectively.

Understanding the benefits of using animation in your marketing strategy is not to be ignored.

Here are a few reasons why –

Versatile Marketing Asset

Animation has the potential to be used across multiple channels within your marketing and communication strategy, providing audiences with a simple, easily digestible piece of content, allowing you to share a consistent message.

Short animation videos are perfect to use on social media, embed in email campaigns and feature on your website as an effective way of stopping your audience in their tracks and delivering a carefully crafted message into a short snippet.

A key benefit of the versatility is the cost effectiveness of animation as you can get multiple uses out of a single asset. Furthermore, they are easy to update and adapted if you need to update text or statistics as well as splitting an animation into multiple clips.

Power of Storytelling

Animation can help you to authentically communicate your brand story succinctly. Animation allows you to get across your look, feel and story in a neatly created visual way that is memorable.

The way in which animation is designed and created can bring your organisation to life whilst implementing your look and style seamlessly.

Easily digestible content

Animation outweighs video when it comes to communicating a complex or detailed topic in an easily digestible way. Assets that explain or demonstrate a product or service are an essential element of your customer service as well as helping to influence a purchasing decision.

By taking someone through the key stages of using product or the process of a service in a short and engaging animation, you provide them with every key detail in far more engaging and memorable way than video or text heavy content.

An Animation Series

We are increasingly seeing clients develop an animation series to bring a distinct identity and consistency to campaigns, helping the audience to build a level of familiarity with the brand and key messaging as they see or receive content over a period of time.

A series helps to nurture and establish a strong visual identity, increasing the impact of your content either through standing out in a timeline or capturing someone’s attention within a website.

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