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Why Creative Design Services are Vital for Digital Marketing

In 2022, creative design services should be a vital element of any brand’s digital marketing campaigns. The online space is a crowded marketplace and is getting increasingly more saturated with content every day. At the same time, attention spans are growing shorter, in fact, research carried out by Microsoft suggests that the average human being has an attention span of only 8 seconds.

In order to stand out from and stay above competitors online, you must do much more than stand on your tiptoes! Some companies are missing out on important opportunities to spread their message by failing to use strong visual content such as digital graphics, illustrations and animations in digital marketing.

Let’s discuss just some of the reasons why utilising creative design services is so key to digital marketing success for your brand.

It Creates a Strong and Memorable First Impression

Think of your website and social media platforms as a red carpet for your brand. When it comes to the online marketplace, they are often your first opportunity to make a strong and memorable first impression. It is the visual elements of your online platforms that will make a permanent impression on consumers.

Experienced creative designers can help you create visuals that accurately represent your unique brand identity, make a permanent impression and elevate you above your competitors.

Digital Graphics Convey Your Message

Creative design is the soul of digital marketing. It helps to tell your story in a way that will appeal to your target audience, generating trust. “A picture speaks a thousand words” may sound like a cliche, but it is very true that effective digital graphics are much more powerful than words when it comes to attracting the eye and delivering your intended message.

Creative digital design helps spread the underlying message of your brand, products or services. Not only do visual elements grab attention, in many cases, your intended message can be conveyed much more effectively through illustrations, charts, infographics, motion graphics or animations, than it can through a passage of text.

It Highlights Your Offerings

Clear, vibrant digital graphics can be highly effective in not only capturing consumer attention, but also improving their customer experience by helping to highlight the products or services you provide that are of the most use to them. For example, an illustration or animation placed strategically on a website page provides a visual aid to point a consumer in the direction of what they are looking for.

Increased Sales and Conversions

Creative design services can influence sales and conversions in a visceral way – as discussed above, creative graphics can be very effective for presenting your message, helping you to tell your story in a way that most effectively evokes an emotional response from your target audience.

Research has found that the visual appeal of website or social media content can play a key role in increasing sales or conversions. The majority of consumers are more likely to purchase or show interest in a product or service over those of competitors because of good design that tells a compelling story.

Whilst emotional attachment summoned by digital graphic elements are certainly key to increasing sales, you should also be aware that consumers are much more likely to follow visual directions to a sale, rather than written ones.

Improved SEO

Following the introduction of Google’s Core Web Vitals, digital graphics and website design play an important part in Search Engine Optimisation. With this new search engine ranking system, websites are ranked not only based on the information provided in terms of text, but also their user experience.

Elements such as the load time of graphic elements and the user friendliness of the website layout now have a large say in the search engine ranking of a website. As a result, working with an experienced creative agency is key to the effectiveness of your SEO and overall digital marketing efforts.

Creative Design Services to Revitalise your Digital Marketing

Don’t underestimate the importance of creative design services in your digital marketing strategy. To ensure your brand is making a lasting mark online, working with a professional creative agency ensures you are making maximum effort to reach and retain customers.

At Bluechilli, we are a creative agency in Birmingham that delivers dynamic solutions for all disciplines of creative design. From brand concept, to illustrations, motion graphics and illustrations, we are here to help you communicate your brand identity effectively and take vital steps above your closest competitors.

Get in touch today to create the right balance of digital graphics in your digital marketing mix.

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