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Your Guide to Animation to Build Brand Recognition and Recall

We have talked a lot about how in recent years, there has been a slow decline of the average internet user’s attention span. In 2022, it’s believed that the average user attention span is just 8 seconds, which certainly provides considerable challenges for marketers when it comes to building brand recognition and recall. A creative approach must be taken, and some types of content are certainly more effective than others when it comes to building brand awareness. Here are some of the reasons that animation is such a vital tool.

Why Animation?

Animation is a powerful storytelling tool

Talk about how your brand story is key to your business and animation is a vivid way to put your story forward – visual ways to say where you come from, what your brand believes in and what your goals are, using all kinds of unique objects or characters to put your point across.

Animation gives complete freedom to tell your story – whilst video has limits, animation can make use of your brand logos, fonts and colours. Use animation to further strengthen your creative style to grow the recognition of your brand and recall from your audience.

With animation, you can create just about anything, even if it doesn’t technically exist, so you can be as playful as you like in communicating your message. Working with experienced creative designers to elevate your brand, no idea is too small when it comes to making sure your brand stands out from the rest!

Animation stands out

Animation is less expected than other forms of digital content, including text, images and even video. Animated motion graphics can use vibrant colour palettes and bold, inventive illustrations, helping them to immediately stand out, maintain interest, and have a strong impact.

It’s also important to consider that over recent years, the use of live action video and photography has grown considerably, to the point that they are very well known, expected marketing techniques. In contrast, animation is much less known as a marketing tool, and as such, it will stand out more and stay in the mind of consumers.

Better user experience

The design flexibility of animation means that it can easily blend into the existing design and feel of a website, helping to develop a seamless user experience and promoting visual consistency. Publishing animations that make a strong use of the colour palettes, fonts and logos that are consistent within your branding, helps to provide comfort for the user and generates a stronger emotional response from your target audience.

Simply put, the more consistent the visual appearance of your website is, the easier it is to capture the user’s attention, and increase brand awareness and recall.

Animation helps keep things simple

As the average internet user has such a short attention span, the most effective way to build brand recognition is to find simple ways to convey your message. Animated videos provide an extremely effective way of simplifying even the most complex information. By communicating important information quickly and clearly, your message is much more likely to sink in and therefore, it’s much more likely that your brand will spring to mind in the future.

Animation provides a powerful tool to get your message across in an extremely relatable and impactful way. The written word will always be a powerful marketing tool, but when it comes to the amount of information a consumer will retain in a short period of time, animation wins by a long shot. What the written word may take several minutes to explain can often be conveyed in just a few seconds by an animated video.


The importance of nostalgia in relation to brand recognition and recall can’t be ignored. In a world that is moving so quickly at all times, and the average consumer facing a wide range of challenges, nostalgia is often used as a coping mechanism, providing a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Traditionally, animation has been associated with children’s cartoons and other entertainment. Needless to say, these animated films and television shows generate memories of childhood and bring about a strong sense of comfort. As a result, making frequent use of animated content can help consumers to feel comfortable engaging with your brand. When they experience your content again, or have the need for your products and services, your brand will be at the forefront of their mind.

Harness the power of social media for brand recognition and recall

In the marketing landscape of 2022, there is no denying that social media is a key player. More than half of all social media users are regularly using their favourite social platforms to browse a vast range of products and their favourite brands.

In order to capture attention and generate brand awareness and recall, social media content has to be short and visually appealing. Animations, therefore, are a perfect medium to share via social media, as they can be immediately eye-catching and allow for ideas to be conveyed effectively in a very short period of time.

The most visually appealing social media content, particularly videos and animated motion graphics, also generate the most engagement and shares. This offers a prime opportunity to ensure your brand is seen by a large number of people within your target audience on a regular basis. As a result, familiarity with your brand and style of your animated content can grow quickly.

Build Brand Recognition and Recall through Animation Services

If you are working hard to grow your brand and increase brand recall amongst your target consumer market, it pays to work with a creative design agency to find innovative ways to tell your story and promote your message. To ensure your brand stays in the mind of your audience, make animation an integral key in your marketing strategy.

At Bluechilli, our team of creative designers and illustrators are here to help you bring your ideas to life, from motion graphics and GIFs, to whiteboard animation and explainer videos, animated social media assets, and more.

Get in touch today to grow your brand and ensure that your message connects with your audience.

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